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This “Peaks of the Balkans“ trekking adventure takes us to the border triangle area of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro where a new International Peace Park has been established. The trek takes place in the Dinaric Alps where people have lived for centuries, as shepards and farmers.

Famous for their hospitality, and challenged by a changing world, this trip promotes sustainable, nature-based tourism that gives hope and real economic benefit to the local population. We spend each night in rustic inns or guest houses that have been established along the route where locals provide our meals.

Luggage is transported by local pack animals or cars, depending on the day. This is an area of spectacular nature including rare flora and fauna. Rugged peaks rise from alpine lakes and lush green meadows. With this new project, border-crossing procedures for hikers have been simplified and a mountain security system has been established. Our local guides are trained according to international standards.




Rural torusim;



Prokletije, known as Balkan or Albanian Apls 

Valley Theth

Valley Valbona

Valley Ropojana

Local people, food and tradition




1. day VUSANJE (D)

Arrival in Vusanje Free time until dinner. Accommodation in eco village Rosi (or similar). Dinner and overnight.


After breakfast start hiking via Ropojana Valley. On the way hike pass near Ropojana lake which is the border between Montenegro and Albania. On the way will enjoy in numerous of view point to the peaks of Balkan Alps, how is know mountain Prokletije. Arrival in Theth at the afternoon. Accommodation in guesthouse. Dinner and overnight.

Cumulative height uphill 1.110 m, downhill: 1440 m

Distance trail 23km, (it is possible to cut for 6km at the beginning and at the end)

Time 7-8 h.


After breakfast we start with hike. Lunch – lunch package. The trail will continue in the center and then up to Gjelaj then through the forest and field Bregu and Bubes. Before of the Valbona pass we have a chance for a small stop to drink something and to get more energy before leaving the Thethi valley. After that we have 40 min walk to the Valbona Pass which is 1670 m above sea level. From this point we have to walk down to Valbona valley. A vehicle will await for us in Rragam to take us to the guest house. Dinner and overnight.

Cumulative height uphill 1.068 m, downhill: 792 m

Distance trail 13.9 km ,

Time 7 h.

4. day VALBONA-CEREM crossing Persllopit pass - Mt Kollata (B,L,D)

After breakfast start with hike. Lunch-lunch package.Çerem is a small village, largely abandoned, located approx. 17 kilometers northeast of Valbonë. At the moment it is populated only during the summer time by shepherds. The village is empty during the winter time due to poor weather conditions. Dinner and overnight.

Cumulative height uphil 541m, downhill 382m

Distance trail: 19.8 kilometers,

Time: 7hours


From Çerem, the hike climbs up to the Montenegrin border (Borid Qafa), passes the beautiful summer shepherd’s village. Enjoying in magnificent view to the peaks of Prokeltije, Zla Kolata, Dobra Kolata. Continue downhill to Vusanje. Arrival in Vusanje, End of program!

Cumulative height uphill: 750 meters downhill: 820meters

Distance trail: 11 kilometers

Time: 6 hours


Included in the price


4 overnights in guesthouses with HB service – homemade food,

Meals: first day dinner, last day breakfast + lunch (sandwiches, water and fruit) 

Guide for 5 days

Transfer within tour

Border permits 

Vat tax


Not included in the price

Transfer to/from Vusanje

Mules for luggage (300€ for all tour, up to luggage for 8 pax)

Individual cost




Accommodation description:

During the tour, accommodation will be provided in guest houses, mostly in dbl or multi bed room, with shared bathroom.

Vusanje- Accommodartion in eco village Rosi (or similar). Separated cottage available for 2-4 pax 

Theth- Accommodation will be provided in Polia guest house (or similar). The rooms are available for 2-4 pax,

Valbona- Accommodation will  be provided in Guest house Kol Gjoni (or simiral),  The rooms are available for 2-4 pax, 

 It is limited option for single use.


Rest notes

The trail is available for people with good physical condition,

The trail is available form June to October

If you need transfer from airport (Podgorica or Tirana), contact us


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