If you want to explore natural beauties of Montenegro, you should start from National parks. The total protected area in Montenegro is 13%, from which are 5 National parks belongs 60% of it. 
If you want to explore each of National parks, you can find below important fact about all of it. 


National park,,BIOGRADSKA GORA’’

Biogradska Gora, National park



National park Biogradska Gora was declared a park in 1952 year. It is situated in a Northeast part of Montenegro, between rivers Tara and Lim, in the central part of Bjelasica’s mountain massif. It spreads over surface of 5,650 hectares. The most beautiful part of this park is Biogradsko Lake. Lake is situated at the 1094m of altitude and it’s surrounded by clean virgin forest which is one of the only three remained in Europe. National park Biogradska Gora dispose with other offers for visitors: bungalows, national restaurant, center for visitors, souvenir shop, learning path around the lake, observation tower... From the park, a great number of marked paths lead toward other lakes on mountain Bjelasica (Sisko, Pesica Lake, Ursulovacko…) as well as to the peaks Black Head, Rabbit’s head….

What can do in National park Biogradska Gora?

Here are some proposed programs:

Hiking Bjelasica- 5 days

Hiking 2 National parks (Bjelasica&Komovi and Proletije- 8 days 

Farm Stay- householder Sekularac

more detail about National park Biogradska Gora                                           

National park ,,DURMITOR’’

Durmitor, National park Montenegro



National park “Durmitor” was declared a NP in 1952 year. It is situated in the Northwest region of Montenegro and it includes great surface of Durmitor’s massif with canyons of rivers Tara, Draga and Susica. An impressive mountain peaks rise from there, of which 48 are high over 2000m, and the highest among them is Bobotov Kuk with impressive 2 525m. Special charm is given to the beauty of Durmitor’s massif with an 18 glacial lakes at the altitude of over 1500m, called “Mountain eyes”. The biggest and the most attractive lake is The Black Lake. There is a number of marked paths which lead toward lakes and Durmitor’s peaks. The most important part of National park is a canyon of Tara river, which is the deepest canyon ine Europe, deep 1300m.

What can do in national park?

Rafting- ona day

more details about National park Durmitor



National park ,,SKADAR LAKE”

Skadar lake, National park, bird-watching, cruising



Picturesque and unique Skadar Lake is situated in Zeta’s and Skadar’s valley which is connected with Adriatic sea with river Bojana. With it’s surface which varies from 370 km2 to 530km2 depending on the fluctuation of the water surface, Skadar lake represents the biggest lake in Balkan. Two thirds of the lake belongs to Montenegro, and one third to Republic of Albania. Montenegrin part, with its coastal surface of        40 000 hectares, was declared a national park in 1983 year. Lake is the biggest bird reservation in Europe (with over 270 bird species). Lake is the habitat of the pelicans, gulls, herons and has a rich water world with a lot of different species (eel, carp, bleak)...In 1996, with a Ramseur convention, this lake was included in the list of the wetlands of the international importance.

What can do in national park?

more details about National park Skadar lake  


National park ,,LOVCEN’’

Lovcen National park, Mausoleum Njegos's




National park Lovćen covers central and the biggest part of Lovcen’s massif, with a surface of 6220 hectares. It was declared a park in 1952. It is situated on a Southwest of Montenegro, between the Skadar basin, Kotor bay and Budva’s Riviera. Combination of Mediterranean and continental climate caused a unique flora and fauna with more that 1300 species of plants, 200 bird species and diversity of butterflies. The greatest monument in NP Lovcen is Njegos’s mausoleum, at the Lake’s peak, on the place which was chosen by this great poet and a philosopher for his eternal rest more details


National park ,,PROKLETIJE’’


    Prokletije, Hridsko lake


Fifth National park in Montenegro is Prokletije. Prokletije are leaving the unforgettable impression on all visitors with its beauty.  It is monumental, one of the ruggedness mountain chains, with milled, white and black peaks, which remind you on a wolf’s jaws, and by the beauty of its forests, pastures and barrens it contributes to the beauty of the whole area. Glacial lakes such are: Plavsko, Hridsko, Rikavacko, Bukumirsko and Visitorsko are special rarity so as the Valley Graja, Valley Ropojana, Alipasa’s spring and famous Grlja waterfall. Highest mountain peak on Prokletije is Zla kolata - 2 536m

What can do in national park?

Hiking Bjelasica&Komovi and Prokeltije- 8 days

Here on hikig tour   you can watch the tour to Hridsko lake, which is real pearl of this National park.

 more details about National parl Prokletije. 


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